Madonna’s Secret Weapon: Oxygen Infusion Therapy

Madonna’s skincare secret along with dozens of other Hollywood hotties like Eva Longoria, Molly Sims and Justin Timberlake (“It makes my skin look dope.”) is The Oxygen Infusion Treatment – now available at a spa near you. This amazing new treatment can literally breathe new life into your skin. Using pure oxygen and a unique rejuvenation serum, Oxygen Infusion Therapy not only provides immediate and visible results to all skin types, but can continue to improve the overall health, texture, hydration and elasticity of your skin. For long lasting results, we recommend a weekly session over the course of six weeks. Treatments will result in the following: Clear, glowing complexion, effective acne treatment, promotes circulation, post-operative healing and post-laser restoration. Ideal for any and all skin types! >

Clinical studies have shown that Oxygen Therapy treatments can:

  • Accelerate the development of new skin cells.

  • Improve the supply of oxygen to skin cells.

  • Provide conditions to enhance collagen formation.

Benefits for patients:

  • Promotes a successful surgical outcome.

  • Promotes quality of healing.

  • Decreases recovery time.

  • Reduces chances of infections.

  • Reduces complications.

  • Aids in re-epithelization.

  • Patient can apply makeup sooner and return to a normal lifestyle


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